Australia: Sorrento

This weekend The Hubbie and I went on a little jaunt to Sorrento, which is about one and a half hours south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. After a week of almost biblical rain, the weather forecast assured us that Saturday should be a nice sunny day.

And that it was. As we arrived at the Hotel Sorrento (after a cheeky pit stop at Macca’s on the way – oops!), there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the bar was buzzing with happy, chatty people.

To make the most of the sunshine, we decided to drop our bags off in our room (bit basic, but ok) and head off to the beach.

The walk down to the seafront was really picturesque, with a glimpse of turquoise waters visible through the tall trees.

Embracing the rare and welcome appearance of the sun, we laid down a blanket and got our books out (Codewords for me the word nerd!) ready for a nice relaxing afternoon.

Typically, within minutes the clouds came over and it started to get a bit too nippo to sit on the beach, so we decided to jump back in the car and take a drive down to the Mornington Peninsula National Park, where you can walk right to the tip of Port Phillip Bay to admire the coastline.

And, quelle surprise, as soon as we parked up it started p*ssing it down. WHY THANK YOU MELBOURNE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. With our plans quite literally down the plughole, we decided to retire to our room and have a Stranger Things sesh (that’s not a euphemism… it’s a series on Netflix. As an aside, have you guys seen that yet? It’s so good. Winona forever!). Anyway, after a few episodes it was time to venture out from our cave for dinner. After consulting TripAdvisor I’d booked a restaurant just up the road called Loquat, which had pretty good reviews from the locals.

Onto the obligatory food pics! To start I went for blue cheese croquettes with mashed chick peas and apple slaw, which was delicious. Blue Cheese is obviously quite a strong flavour but the sharpness of the apple offset it really nicely.

For main I went for pork belly with red cabbage, apple puree, crackling and… something else (can’t remember what it was, sorry)! Again, delicious! Loquat’s game was looking strong at this point, but the final decision all rested on the last course…

Chocolate fondant with marmalade ice cream, honeycomb and a bit of mashed up blackberry (which I won’t dwell on too much because the rest was on point). Three courses of deliciousness! So a big thumbs up for Loquat.

The next day we woke to a beautiful sunny morning (haha, jokes) but we decided to persevere and see the scenery we had driven all the way to the Peninsula to see. A friend had suggested a few stops for us in advance, with the first being ‘London Bridge’; a rock formation just off the coast at Portsea.

Here’s The Hubbie having a splendid time! We English tourists will not be broken, although the same can’t be said for the umbrella…

After braving the howling wind we jumped back in the car and onto Cape Schanck.

There’s a boardwalk you can walk all the way along right to the tip of the rock formation. We battled about halfway across before surrendering and returning to the warmth of the car to get back on the road to Melbs.

There are also hot springs at the Peninsula where you can take a dip but with the weather not on our side unfortunately we weren’t able to go this time. I think Sorrento definitely calls for a return visit in the summer! Speaking of which… summer, where are you?! Xx

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