Hey/G’day! My name’s Rebecca, I’m a writer and blogger from the UK currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I spent several years working in PR and copywriting in and around London in the fashion and beauty industry before relocating to Melbourne, where I now work as a travel writer.

My blog began its life in 2015 as ‘Late to the Party’, so-called because I was a little late to jump on the blogging bandwagon. It was an outlet for everything that interested me and acted in part as an online diary, helpful for relaying my adventures back to my friends and family back in the UK.

Beach & Beanie is its latest incarnation to reflect my greatest adventure yet: motherhood. The name is inspired by my own Aussie nickname (‘Beach’… long story) together with ‘Beanie’, the name my husband and I used to refer to our baby while I was pregnant.

In summary, it’s a blog about learning to adjust after moving to the other side of the world, travel, fashion, beauty, a first-time foray into motherhood and food… lots of food.

All opinions on this blog are personal and my own.