Warwick: The Table

For my first wedding anniversary I returned to ‘the scene of the crime’ (Warwick in the UK) for a lovely meal and night away (you’ll have to forgive my photos here, the restaurant was quite dimly lit so they didn’t come out fantastically). I did a bit of research online in advance, and found a restaurant called ‘The Table’ was listed as the number one restaurant in Warwick on Trip Advisor based on customer reviews. It all seemed a bit mysterious as I scrolled down the page – the restaurant is pretty new by all accounts so doesn’t have a website or proper phone number listed, and from what people said, you don’t even get to choose what you want to eat, they just serve up what they have fresh in that day. Customers mostly sit around a communal table to eat, unless you take one of the smaller tables at the back of the restaurant. Strange, yet intriguing. But I figured that many people can’t be wrong and Trip Advisor has always served us well before, so I went ahead and booked a table.

We were apprehensive to start with, I’m not going to lie! It’s an odd one not being able to choose what you’re going to eat. Eating out is such a treat it’s a bit of gamble if you’re not going to like it. As we walked up to the restaurant, we saw an Italian restaurant next door which had a really interesting and tempting menu. We considered trying that instead, but curiosity got the better of us and we opted to stick with our booking at The Table. And we were so glad that we did!

When you sit down you are asked if there is anything you are allergic to or cannot eat. You are then asked for your wine preference, red or white. And that’s it! There’s nothing left to do but wait. Above is the first course that was brought out to us: homemade humus, mozzarella pearls, fresh tomatoes and homemade bread. So far, so good – fresh and delicious. Next came a sweet roasted red pepper stuffed with creamy crab and a light and delicate sauce. Again, unexpectedly lovely, and something I definitely wouldn’t have chosen had I been selecting from a menu in advance. The ‘main’ was a lamb tagine, with cous cous, roasted vegetables, seared lamb, a spicy tomato-based sauce and a generous dollop of cool yoghurt on top, finished with cucumber shavings. It was so tasty I could have eaten it all over again! The final course was mini profiteroles to share with a rich, dark chocolate sauce.

The price was reasonable for the amount of food that we had. It was such a delicious meal and the no-menu premise actually turned out to be a real positive, as I tried things that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself but hugely enjoyed. I’d be interested to go again, although I wonder if it’s one of those things where the first time was so good, you set your expectations really high!


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