Getting hair extensions

I’d love to tell you guys I’ve been eating my fruit and veggies to grow my locks long and luscious, but nope… I’ve paid a visit to the hair extension fairy!

I’ve always loved long hair, but unfortunately my natural hair just won’t play ball. It’s super fine, brittle and snaps easily – not helped by years of colouring and heat styling – so it’s always been difficult to get it past my shoulders. I’ve dabbled for years with clip-in extensions, which are great for a temporary fix, but it’s hard to get them to look natural when wearing them down. Anyone that’s looked into having hair extensions will know that having them installed properly in a salon costs a small fortune – both for the initial fitting and the ongoing maintenance – so that was never a realistic possibility.

That was until I discoveredĀ We Are Dolls, a Melbourne-based extension specialist which offers professionally-installed extensions for prices that are actually realistic. The online reviews spoke for themselves, so I decided to book in for an initial consultation.

I met with Clare and she talked very honestly about the different methods available and the upsides and pitfalls of each. I never knew there were so many ways of having them applied – beads, tapes, weaves, the list goes on! Taking into consideration my hair type and length, she recommended a micro-weave application would be the best way to go, one of the options which is least damaging to your natural hair. The process would involve an initial application then maintenance every eight weeks, during which the extensions are moved back up to the roots after the natural hair has grown.

Needless to say, this sought-after lady was in hot demand, so I booked in for an evening slot six weeks later. The whole process of having them installed took about an hour and a half. She began by creating the ‘tracks’ by weaving pieces of my own hair together and fixing them in place with small plastic beads which were clamped together. The extension strips were then hand-sewn with a needle and thread along the ‘tracks’. Finally, the extensions were cut and layered and my natural hair thinned through at the ends to create a more natural blend.

I’m really pleased with the finished result, they look so much more natural than clip-ins and the colour match (not easy with all the different tones in my blonde hair) is spot on. I wear my hair up quite often and I feel it looks so much nicer now with the added thickness and length. The slight downsides I would say are they’re not the easiest to deal with – they take a long time to wash and get dry – and you can definitely feel them when you lay down to sleep! It’s the kind of thing you get used to after a while, but I imagine it will be a relief when they come out. However, the pluses outweigh the minuses so I think I’ll keep these up while allowing my natural hair to grow longer. We’ll see how far I get!

For anyone in Melbourne I couldn’t recommend Clare more highly for her experience, honesty and professionalism. You can check out We Are DollsĀ here!


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