Hamilton Island, Australia: 3

For our final full day on the island (sob), we started as usual with a spot of breakfast at the marina – and the usual suspects were loitering, ready to steal our food!

After we’d wrestled our breakfast back from the birdies, we decided to get in on the golf buggy action and hire one of our own for the day.

And these were our wheels! Not only was the buggy fun to drive but it gave us the opportunity to explore every inch of the island, as we’d only spent time in the resort and the marina so far.

Heading north, our first picture-taking stop was this beautiful pond fringed with lush greenery and palm trees. It was such a pretty and tranquil spot we stayed here very happily for quite a while, just gazing out over the water and soaking up the view.

And of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of the local inhabitants! Looks like this one slipped with his lipstick (or should that be beakstick?)…

Next it was onwards and upwards to One Tree Hill, a well-known lookout point which offered the most incredible views of the surrounding islands. Over a refreshing drink at the bar, we resolved that we would return to the spot later in the evening to watch the sunset.

Back on the buggy, we stumbled across this gorgeous little chapel overlooking the bay: the spot for weddings on Hamilton Island. What a perfect place to say “I do”!

After a busy morning of exploring, we decided it was time for a bit of relaxation on Catseye Beach.

Parking up our buggy and emerging through the trees, we found a little piece of paradise waiting for us.

And even more amazing still was the sunset waiting for us at One Tree Hill.

Crowds of people – and cockatoos! – gathered to watch the glorious golden sun sink beneath the distant hills.

Once the sun had disappeared, the sky was painted in an array of breath-taking colours, from mauve and blue…

…to fiery orange…

And finally, the navy blue of night.

Another unforgettable moment from an unforgettable trip!

The next morning – and all too soon – it was time to pack our bags and say goodbye to the amazing view from our hotel room.

We arrived at the airport sad to leave, but full of happy memories.



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