New York: Milk Bar & The Dutch

Crack Pie at the Milk Bar

After a couple of days of overindulgence in the city (oh hello, multiple visits to the Cold Stone Creamery), The Hubbie and I opted for a healthy breakfast one morning and headed to the Milk Bar, a little bakery hidden off 56th St where we both tucked into cookies and milkshakes. Oops, our bad! I had a soft and chewy chocolate chip, marshmallow and cornflake cookie, while The Hubbie went for a triple, quadruple chocolate version which, as you can imagine, was pretty intense for that time in the morning. Since I’d already fallen off the healthy wagon I decided to jump with gusto, so paired my cookie with a ‘Crack Pie’ milkshake; a shake made with the bakery’s signature butter and brown sugar pie. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about its moniker, but I can confirm it was seriously moreish!

The Dutch

We had a restaurant called The Dutch in the Soho area recommended to us, so we decided to give that a try one evening. It had a really nice, buzzy and relaxed atmosphere and seemed pretty popular with the locals, which I always take as a good sign. For main, I took a gamble and opted for something a little different: cacao pasta with a wild boar ragu. The flavours were really interesting, although I have to say it didn’t look too appetising in the bowl. The pasta looked like little slugs… yummy little slugs, nonetheless! We also shared a butternut squash, hollowed out and filled with spiralised squash, crispy sage leaves and toasted macadamia nuts, which was really unusual and delicious (anything with nuts and I’m pretty much on board)! True to form, I finished up with a slice of pecan pie, which was gooey, buttery and utterly indulgent. They just don’t make pecan pie like that in the UK… which is probably a good thing.

What with New York closely followed by Christmas, I think a diet and detox are most definitely in order! I’ve had a new gym bag and water bottle for Christmas, so no excuses now – it’s time to face the music (the music being my workout soundtrack)! Xx

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