London: Bad Egg

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday than indulging in a lazy Bottomless Brunch?

Last week I did just that at Bad Egg, a bar/diner at City Point near Moorgate which lured us in thanks to its quirky menu and even quirkier name. It’s not the easiest place to find – it’s hidden away in an office district – but once you find this buzzing little hot spot you’ll discover where all the people have been hiding (it’s so strange to see all the shops closed and the streets deserted in this area of the city on a Saturday!)

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the brunch isn’t actually bottomless – you can order three dishes from the menu together with your choice of soft or alcoholic drink (aka the ‘Virgin Brunch’ or ‘Boozy Brunch’), which do they do continually top up during your two-hour slot to keep the good times rolling. So on to the food! To begin, I had the Macanchini; crispy balls of mac’n’cheese with spicy chipotle mayo – seriously good…

…followed by the Cheeseburger Hash with pieces of beef burger, smashed up chips and cheese with a fried egg on top (simple and moreish, but just beware the hidden gherkins a’lurkin!)…

…and finally the pancake with blueberry jam and vanilla cream – which tasted good but due to a mix-up with our order it had been sat on the heater for a while, so it was less ‘cream’ and more… I don’t know… melty goop. Still, it all goes down the same way!

I’m not sure I’d go back to Bad Egg for the Bottomless Brunch again, but the dishes on their main menu all look rather interesting (Rice Crispy and Salted Caramel Sandwich, errrr hey-lo!) so I’d be definitely be tempted back to try those.


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