London: Cay Tre

As I mentioned before, life has been crazy busy lately so I have got pretty behind on my posts! So – a while ago now, I must admit – I paid a visit to Cay Tre, a Vietnamese restaurant on Dean Street in Soho. For some reason I really felt a need for Vietnamese food, so I did a bit of research online and found that this restaurant came recommended.

It honestly was a challenge to choose something from the menu. Everything looked so delicious it literally took me about half an hour to reach a decision! It’s a tough life…

For starter I had the Cha La Lot – betel leaf wrapped pork dumplings with peanuts, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. I clearly didn’t read the menu properly before I ordered because for some reason I was expecting these to be like spring rolls with a pastry case. I think for that reason alone I was a little disappointed, but I enjoyed them all the same! Pork + peanuts = winner for me!

I also treated myself to a cheeky cocktail! This is the Em Oi Fizz – a cocktail with Prosecco, vodka, elderflower and lemon.

For main, I went for the Saigon Stewed Pork Belly with caramelised coconut juice and a side of Wok-fried Pho Noodle with spring onion, chives and soy sauce. I dug into the noodles first – they were delicious; soft and sticky and incredibly moreish. This was quite a large bowl – you could probably have ordered it for a main in itself. As for the pork, the broth was really sweet and the meat very soft and sticky. There was a good amount of meat in the dish, too, AND a boiled egg – I certainly didn’t go hungry!

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal and I’d definitely go back to Cay Tre again. I’ve got my eyes on the Butter Fish Curry next…


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