London: Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Having been lucky enough to go to Thailand itself – where all of the food is absolutely delicious, fresh, fragrant, cheap and in abundance – it sets the bar high for me for Thai restaurants in the UK (I’ll have to do a post on Thailand some time!) However Rosa’s, a small chain of six Thai cafes across London, is probably one of the best I’ve experienced so far.

I went to the branch off Carnaby Street, which I’ve been to once before and really enjoyed, so I was more than happy to go again. It was pretty busy when we arrived but we didn’t have to wait for too long, probably around ten minutes. I didn’t get particularly good photos of the restaurant I’m afraid; I was super hungry when I got there (bordering on hangry), so I couldn’t focus on anything, let alone photography – you know how it is!

By the time we sat down I was ready to eat my own hand, but a basket of prawn crackers with satay sauce came along so I ate those instead. Next to come were the Moo Ping pork skewers with a tangy tamarind dipping sauce… yum yum yum.

Our next starter, the Thod Mun Pla fishcakes with a crushed peanut and chilli dipping sauce, had an interesting texture, but lovely flavours. Thai fishcakes aren’t the same as the ones we’re used to in the UK, they’re not chunky with flakes of fish, as we know them… I think they must puree the fish together before cooking them, as they have a sort of smooth, rubbery texture. Don’t let that thought put you off though… these were delish!

Their Pad Thai with chicken is easily as delicious as those I had in Thailand. I love this dish; soft noodles with sweet and tangy tamarind, crunchy peanuts, and a bit of a kick from the chilli. It’s what noodle dreams are made of! Damn it – now I must go and get myself a snack as I’ve made myself so hungry just thinking bout it… Xx

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