Australia: Melbourne laneways

If you venture off the main streets of Melbourne, you’ll be treated to the coolest, quirkiest and most Instagram-worthy of sights.

Tucked away are quaint old shopping arcades such as the fabulous Block Arcade (home to the famous Hopetoun Tea Rooms, which I have yet to try due to the queues snaking out of the door each time I pass by)…

…which lead to the well-hidden laneways.

The laneways, it turns out, are a well-known ‘secret’. These narrow, higgledy-piggedly streets nestled between the tall buildings of the city bustle with Melbournians and tourists alike grabbing brunch and coffee under patio heaters at the little outdoor cafes.

Although there’s plenty to take in at eye level, don’t forget to look up – you might spot something boot-iful hanging around!

Venture deeper into the alleyways and corners and you’ll find art in the most unexpected places.

Some of which makes quite an impression!

Melbourne… a city of surprises. Xx

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