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I don’t know about you but I love reading about weddings and poring over wedding pics on Instagram (or maybe it is just me, ha!). I’ve been inspired by a few wedding blogs I’ve seen recently so I thought I’d do something a little bit different on here and share some details from my own day. I did a general wedding post on here about a year ago, but I figured it might be nice to focus more on the fashion and beauty side of things. When I started off I intended for this to be a fashion and beauty blog and it’s become somewhat of a travel blog of late, so I’m going to try and mix it up a bit going forward! Anyway here goes – my fashion and beauty inspo for my wedding in 2014 <3


Anyone who knows me is probably aware that my absolute all time favourite girl crush is Sienna Miller. I’ve stuck with her through boho times and bad times. I remember seeing this Grecian look on her at the Golden Globes years ago and thinking, my god, that is SO incredibly beautiful. So, I guess the milkmaid-plaits-and-chandelier-earrings look kinda stuck in my mind. Then along came Millie Mackintosh’s milkmaid plaits at her wedding to Pro Green (the hair legacy lives on longer than the marriage, sadly), and – I know I shouldn’t admit this – Princess Anna out of Frozen (ha, ha) and the deal was done.

I had to have temporary extensions in my hair on the day in order to ‘get it up’, so to speak, which meant unfortunately I couldn’t have exactly the style I was aiming for as the extensions would have been visible on the parting at the back. So I did have my plaits but with a messy roll at the nape of my neck, too. I jazzed up my unexpected roll with a 1920’s style jewelled chain on two hairslides, which I got from Warehouse.


A lot of brides like to have natural-looking make-up on their wedding day but I was actually the opposite. I have no issue with wearing a lot of make-up and I thought since I had the opportunity to be made up by a professional I’d take full advantage and let her do something glam. I as good as told her to go full-on Kimmy K on me (ok, maybe not that full on) with smokey eyes, false lashes and a nude lip. I was so happy with my make-up on the day and it didn’t budge all night. I just wish I could keep her in my closet to do my face every day!


The shoes were pretty easy and a done deal fairly early on in the process. My stipulations were a) not too ‘bridal’ (ie. no satin), b) a fair heel but easy to walk in and c) a little bit o’bling. What I ended up with was quite a lot of bling, actually, in the shape of this diamante pair from Karen Millen. They were really comfortable to wear and every time I saw a flash of them under my dress they made me happy – ‘cos if you can’t have blingy shoes on your wedding day, when can you?!


My chandelier earrings came from Jenny Packham and were actually the first thing I ever bought for the wedding. Jenny Packham is a pretty expensive brand but I got these in the sale for something like £30 – I couldn’t believe my luck! In terms of other jewellery I didn’t want to wear too much as I didn’t want to overdo it – and I’m not a massive jewellery person from day-to-day anyway – so I went for a complementary cuff which was by Jenny Packham for Debenhams (and was infinitely cheaper than the cuffs from Jenny Packham’s main line)!


I always wanted a winter wedding and envisaged myself having some kind of fur cape over my dress. However a lot of the fur capes I looked at were a bit naff so I decided feathers were the way to go. The one I wore on the day was an ivory marabou feather one from Biba at House of Fraser, which I came across totally by chance while shopping for bridesmaid dresses. We actually tried this for the bridesmaids but, in combination with the tassels on the front of their dresses, it looked a little OTT. But, I did love the drama of it so I ended up buying it to go over my own dress. Speaking of which…


I always pictured my wedding dress as something with a fairly slim silhouette, probably in a Grecian column style or with a vintage influence. I very, very nearly bought this Alice Temperley Henrietta dress from the Bicester Village outlet. I still think about this dress sometimes now! It was really beautiful and the skirt was in the lightest silk and fell perfectly. However there was something about the fit at the top that was holding me back, I just didn’t feel it was 100% flattering on me. The bust was in the same very light silk and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it without it being noticeable. I also hadn’t really tried many other dresses on at that point so I decided to go to a traditional bridal shop to try on a wider selection. Lone behold, when I tried on a bigger dress, I totally went against all of my own preconceptions. ‘The one’ ended up being the Briony by Maggie Sottero, a vintage-inspired lace dress with a corseted bodice and full fishtail skirt. And the rest is history!

I hope you enjoyed this post which has been a bit of a change of pace from the usual! Let me know what kind of posts you enjoy, whether that’s little snapshots of Melbourne, travel, fashion or beauty and I’ll aim for some more! Xx

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