New York: Jack’s Wife Freda

This weekend I went to New York with The Hubbie for a four day Christmas break. It was so wonderful and I have lots to share with you, so this will probably be the first of a few NYC-related posts!

I did a bit of research before we went and found a few cool foodie spots that I wanted to try out while we were in the city. The first was Jack’s Wife Freda, an all-day café and popular brunch spot which I discovered on The Londoner. We went to the Lafayette Street branch in the Soho district on sunny Sunday morning.

Here I am, loving life in my denim shirt and fangirl ‘New York’ necklace!

The menu was packed with so many interesting and tempting choices, it was so hard to choose.

Although it was unusually sunny for a December’s day, I tried to get into a wintery mood with a hot chocolate. I’m so glad I did because it was incredible! I’m very fussy with my hot chocolate: I like it to be very rich and chocolatey, but not too thick in texture. This was probably the best ever – better even than my beloved Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate, and THAT, my friends, is an accolade and a half.

Ahhh, this sandwich. This sandwich. The Madame Freda with duck prosciutto, cheddar béchamel, gruyere and a fried egg on top. Need I say more?

I was a horrible wife as The Hubbie didn’t feel well but I persuaded him to order my second choice from the menu, the Orange Blossom Pancakes with yoghurt, orange marmalade and honey syrup. The pancakes were lovely and fluffy, the yoghurt tangy, the marmalade sharp and the honey sweet: a heavenly combination. Sadly The Hubbie couldn’t finish it all, so I took one for the team and polished them off. It’s a tough life!

I don’t quite know how but I managed to walk/shuffle the entire way to Brooklyn after this mammoth breakfast. This was the view from the Brooklyn Bridge…

Stay posted for more from NYC! Xx

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