Ole Henriksen cleanser

Now that our container has arrived from England, we have all of our stuff back – yippee! Inside said container was my Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, a Christmas gift I hadn’t yet got round to trying before we left and which was a little too bulky to fit into my already overstuffed luggage. I love Ole Henriksen as a brand – all of their skincare I have tried before I have really rated, so I had equally high expectations for this one.

Well now I have finally tried it (the suspense!) I can confirm that this is a lovely, lovely product – hence why it has a blog post all to itself!

Within the pot the cleanser has a jelly-like consistency. You scoop a little out and rub it into your face while dry, at which point it becomes an almost oil-like texture, so it feels like you’re giving yourself a face massage with gorgeously scented oil (particularly relaxing at the end of the day). You then add warm water which creates a lather, so you get a good cleanse. Finally, as you wash it off, it turns to a milky consistency, leaving your skin feeling clear and smooth.

I love this. It isn’t cheap – around £22 in the UK or $46 at Sephora in Oz – but if you have the budget for something a bit special I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!


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