Australia: Great Ocean Road

I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while, and with the weather in Melbourne today dismally grey, foggy and wet, what better time to reflect on a brighter day?

A few weeks back, The Hubbie and I packed up a picnic basket and went on a mini road trip down the Great Ocean Road, a scenic route along the coastline to the west of Melbourne and a big tourist attraction for those visiting the area. The road – which is Australian National Heritage listed – is actually a war memorial and was built by those who served in World War 1. It’s about an hour’s drive out of the city before you start to see the views – but the journey is well worth it!

The road offers spectacular views and some pretty hairy bends!

It’s well-known that the weather in Melbourne changes by the minute, and this was no different on the day of our drive. We went from freezing on the beach while it was grey and cloudy overhead…

…to blue skies and bursts of warm sunshine.

We passed through Geelong, Torquay and Lorne (the latter both renowned spots for surfing) before conceding that we’d better head back towards the city, choosing the inland route this time for a change of scenery.

Much more lush and green than I had expected, we drove through forests and past deep gorges. No wild kangaroos to be spotted though, much to my disappointment!

We made it about three hours down the GOR before heading back so I think we’d definitely go again and dedicate a whole weekend to it, especially as The Twelve Apostles – a group of stone stacks rising out of the sea a little further along the coast near Princetown – is apparently well worth seeing.

The perfect excuse for another road trip! Xx

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