Sunday Riley Power Couple

Now I’ve turned 30 I’ve accepted that it’s time to get serious about skincare. I’m not saying a switch has suddenly been flicked and a zillion wrinkles have appeared overnight, but I’m aware my days of falling into bed without cleansing and moisturising properly (or sometimes not moisturising at all… ahem, guilty) are limited.

I’ve already seen a transition in my skin since my teens and early twenties and there are some undeniable fine lines creeping in around my eyes. I believe ageing is down to a combination of factors with genes, diet and lifestyle all playing a part, but it’s still good to invest in good quality skincare to nurture and nourish it topically as best as you can.

So last week I paid a visit to Mecca Cosmetica (i.e. my heaven on earth) for some guidance on what I should be using at this stage in my life. I explained my skin type: dry and flaky on the forehead and nose with an uneven complexion (ooh I sound so irresistible don’t I) and they recommended a few different brands and products for me to take a look at.

The one that struck my fancy was boutique beauty brand Sunday Riley and specifically the Power Couple box set featuring the Luna Sleeping Night Oil and the Good Genes treatment, which has received a lot of hype online. Good Genes is a lactic acid treatment (like Alpha H’s Liquid Gold but high potency) to exfoliate and plump the skin, while Luna is an overnight oil with retinol (the anti-ageing ingredient-du-jour) to plump and alleviate redness, fine lines and visible pores. Both are ¬†pretty strong ingredients which probably wouldn’t be suited to sensitive skin (you can read more about the controversy behind retinol here), but since I don’t usually have any issues in this regard I decided to dive straight in.

An oil is not to everybody’s taste as some find them too thick, sticky and greasy, but I actually find oils very beneficial as my skin is quite dry. I wanted to share this shot with you because bizarrely, the Luna oil is DARK BLUE. It’s quite disconcerting when you first put it on as it gives your skin a bit of a deathly pallor, but if you massage it in enough and leave it overnight it’s not noticeable by the morning. Alas, this is a lovely oil and after use my skin feels plumped and nourished.

As for Good Genes, I’ve yet to work out if I prefer using it in collaboration with Luna in the evening or as a separate treatment in the morning before I apply my make-up. I know they probably work at different layers (the oil more deeply) but I’m still not keen on overloading my skin with too many products all at once, so I’ve been using it in the mornings for now. It’s clear that Good Genes is doing a bit of stripping action as my fake tan all but disappeared from my face with one use! But, used in conjunction with Luna, my skin looks noticeably smoother and more radiant when I put my make up on, so it’s so far so good for the Sunday Riley Power Couple.

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