Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists

A couple of weeks ago I managed to catch ‘Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists’ before it ended its run at the NGV (National Gallery Victoria). I seem to have lost touch with my past fashion life lately, so it was really lovely to spend an afternoon feeling re-inspired by something I used to love so much.

If inspiration is what you’re seeking then the Viktor & Rolf collections are an absolute goldmine. Anyone who’s tried to make it in fashion will know that the tussle between creative freedom and commercial viability is hugely restricting, so seeing the uninhibited work of this Dutch duo – who for years, defied convention to do pretty much whatever the hell they wanted regardless of revenue – was really exciting.

Anyone who’s tried to make it in fashion will also know how technical pattern cutting is a real skill and an art, which makes their creations even more incredible to behold.

This collection saw the designers take down what appeared to be ‘paintings’ from the walls before dressing the models in them on the runway.

Super cool and super clever. People can tend to be a bit snobby towards fashion, but when you look at the likes of Viktor & Rolf, Alexander McQueen et al, they truly pushed the boundaries to transcend fashion into an art form (in fact, Viktor & Rolf’s earliest collections were housed in art museums).

These looks were layered onto one model on the runway, with each piece fitting perfectly over the other in a Russian doll effect.

Cool huh?


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